The Rocks Ghost Tours, Sydney

For a great and unique night out in Sydney look no further than The Rocks Haunted Ghost Tours. On our walking tour you will learn about some of the dark and spooky history of The Rocks, and gain some experience in local hauntings. In addition to more well known landmarks, we also visit normally inaccessible areas that include some of Sydney’s macabre stories.

However, that is not all. With a focus on The Rocks area, we have a number of different walking tour options. We cater for various themed ghost tours such as halloween and hen’s nights, as well as hosting private tours, team building in both daytime and evening, and hold regular daytime historical tours of The Rocks.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you always wondered what happens when spirits are unable to cross to the ‘other side’? Throughout the world, there are many, many places that are known for being the home of ghosts, ghouls and phantasms. These places leave people with a multitude of feelings from the awed to the straight-out spooked.

Sydney is known for its hustle and bustle but it’s easy to forget how rich the history of The Rocks is. It is one of the most haunted places in Sydney, if not Australia. With every step you take in this preserved sandstone jungle, there’s a good chance you’re coming across something from the early European settlement, and that this has an unusual story to it.

The Rocks Ghost Tours was established in 1994. We are the leading ghost tour in Sydney, NSW, and probably Australia. We have exclusive access to many “off limits” locations where you can be led into the dim half-light of some of the most haunted places in Sydney. Our guides and researchers are real historians, and our tours are based on historical documentation and information that has been handed down through generations of local residents.

The Rocks Ghost tours were created to explore the darker side of the Rocks that many people have never known about. This area has been inundated with a history that is fun, fascinating, tragic and strange. Come join us on the Dark North or the Dark South tour for a life changing experience as well delve into the macabre and haunted houses in the birthplace of Sydney, The Rocks. with a touch of the bizarre and the theatrical.




The Rocks Ghost Tours


The Rocks Ghost Tours


The Rocks Ghost Tours

"We took our 13yo daughter and 9 of her closest friends on this fright night and it was excellent. [...] Lachlan found the perfect level of spookiness for our group but it was the history of all the places we went to that I really enjoyed the most. If you are looking for something a little different to do this is it, every building we went into was for our exclusive viewing and we saw parts of Sydney some of us (including those who had grown up here) had never seen! Would highly recommend this tour"
Trip Advisor - September 2018
"Had a great experience on this tour with ghost host Phil and group of friends for my birthday, interesting stories and creepy sites especially underground digsite and well. Highly recommend it to others for birthdays or events, Lots of fun! Thanks ghost host Phil! :)"
Olivia - Trip Advisor, July 2018
"Ghost Host Phil was the most outstanding Ghost Host we could have asked for. It was my sisters (Rosie) 21st birthday and even though we weren’t on the birthday package, he made her feel as if the tour was for her.He allowed her to do the “spooky” things of the tour and [...] even stopped the group at one point to show the photo Rosie took of the Ghost on the stairs.The tour was made really special because of the efforts Ghost Host Phil went to, to ensure Rosie had an amazingly spooky ghost adventured day"
Jemiimaa - Trip Advisor, May 2018
"I thought my teen daughter was crazy when she asked to have her 16th birthday on a Ghost Tour. We had the best time with Ghost Host Rowan. Rowan stories & interactive role play with the Teens was fantastic, even us adults had a great time. Highly recommended for parties."
Catherine - Trip Advisor November 2018