Hens Night Ghost Tours

For a hens tours night that is a real scream!

The Rocks Ghost Tours is a great hen’s night idea for the bride-to-be and her friends.

Your host will take you on a wild & wicked walk though lanes & alleyways of The Rocks where you’ll hear outrageous & entertaining tales of the depraved & debauched from years gone by, as well as ghostly stories that will enthral you as they unfold.

There are games to be played & dares to be made in Sydney’s most historic area. A complimentary gift bag is included for the HEN. Afterwards the party can continue at one of the many nearby bars, hotels and nightclubs.

The Ghost stories will astound and spook you, as your guide shows you through the back alleys and areas of The Rocks usually inaccessible to the public.

What to Expect

  • An appropriately themed guide
  • Flexible starting times
  • Colonial-based stories and themes

Some of the stories you'll hear:

The tours have 2 different paths they can take. There is so much intrigue, and spookiness in The Rocks it can’t all be covered in just one night! The two options are the Dark North, and the Dark South walks.

  • What life was like for young brides in the early days.
  • Hear about the strong willed women that rose above the societies beliefs.
  • Learn how brides were selected at The Female Factory.
  • Visit the haunted sites where the dead still linger
  • What did Greenway Lane really lead people to?
  • Hear about the smugglers tunnel that runs from the Hero of Waterloo hotel down to the harbour
  • Visit the site of the murder of John William Manners
  • Why does the ghost of a cabin boy linger on Observatory Hill?
  • Learn the bizarre facts that lurk beneath the surface of The Rocks
  • Hear the tales of the ghost of the 21 years olds

Tours Depart From

This tour will depart from Cadman’s Cottage, 110 George Street, The Rocks.

Street metered parking is available at the top of Argyle Street, near Observatory Hill or there are 3 parking stations
in Harrington Street, 3 minutes from the departure point.


20 – 100 people: $49 per person

Minimum group size of 20 people will be charged.

Hens Night Ghost Tours can be tailored to your unique requirements, and to suit all occasions.