How Do You Make Team Building Fun?


Let’s face it. Team building feels like a waste of time. It’s often forced and even if there’s a healthy working relationship created, it’s shallow and will surely fade away by next Monday. The purpose of a team…

Do You Still Believe in the Supernatural?


It’s the era of science and artificial intelligence and yet believing in the supernatural. According to a 2019 research, thousands of self-identified atheists and agnostics still believe in some supernatural phenomena. In other words, their unbelief in God…

Is The Afterlife Real?


Before we believe in ghosts, we have to believe in an afterlife first. In other words, we have to believe first that our existence goes beyond this life and form and that at least our consciousness and memories…

What Makes a Place Feel Haunted?


Let’s try to explain why some places feel haunted. However, you might still feel afraid despite the clear explanation and rationalisation. It’s true that we fear what we don’t understand but haunted places might prove to be an…

Why Do We Believe in Ghosts?


It’s the 21st century and despite all the scientific and technological developments we still believe in ghosts. This belief has been persisting for centuries (if not millennia) and will likely to continue perhaps even after we colonise the…

How Can I Make My Birthday Celebration Different & Memorable?


It’s getting common and boring to have a birthday party with foods and drinks being shared and seeing those same faces each year. It’s the exact same things each year except for adding another year to your age….