Nightly Ghost Tours

The Rocks Ghost Tours concentrate on the more macabre and exciting things of the night. Many of these stories have been pieced together by locals and historians with information handed down through the generations. These are stories you won’t read on Wikipedia, and the tour will give you experiences you won’t get on a regular Sydney city tour!

There are two routes our evening walking tours take. There is the Dark North tour, and the Dark South. They have the same general make up, but take different routes to different locations and accordingly have different stories. We run them on alternate nights, or if we have more than 30 people on one night we will split the group into north and south and send them off with a host in each direction. If you specifically want to do one or the other, get in touch and we’ll advise which might be the best evening to come.

In many ways, The Rocks is something of a time capsule of early European life in Australia, and is one of the most unique of Sydney’s history tours. Much of The Rocks sandstone architecture is relatively unchanged from when it was built over 200 years ago. With that comes the original spirits and ghosts that wander unhindered through their familiar haunts. This is no Luna Park sideshow. There are some genuinely creepy stories involving The Rocks. When you experience these, you will feel the truth of the matter.

Private Ghost Tours

You can also book an exclusive private tour. If you have a group of 20 or more, you can experience the macabre history of The Rocks with your best friends. No-one need miss out on learning about Sydney’s colonial past, and in the privacy of your own group we can tailor the tour starting time and duration to suit your needs.

Along with that first settlement came a new colony where a good majority of the residents never wanted to be there. Often, their lives so traumatised, many stories have arisen of the haunted ghosts that still linger, seeking absolution, forgiveness… and other things that spirits seek. These stories have been handed down through the generations of locals families to us. This is no ‘ghost train’ ride, it is a genuinely creepy tour where the truth can be more chilling than any carnival attraction.

We regularly cater for groups as diverse as team building, school excursions, birthdays, hen’s nights, halloween parties and more. There is so much to see we have 2 separate tours – there’s is too much for one night!

Whatever your needs – we can accommodate.

Nightly Ghost Tours

Private Ghost Tours

What to Expect

The Dark North Tour.

This tour will take you towards the more northern end of The Rocks. Some of the many inclusions are:

  • Cadman’s Cottage. This is Australia’s oldest home, but why does Elizabeth keep such a tidy house?
  • Kendall Lane, where you will learn why the French valet was so desperate to dispose of his master’s body.
  • Foundation Park. Did they really use the cave for that? Who is the ghost seen late at night by The City Rangers?
  • The ruins of Windmill Lane. Will the ghost of Amelia show herself to you?
  • Learn about the thugs and larrikins of The Rocks Push and maybe catch a glance of their Victims!
  • Enter the Merchant’s House and keep a close eye on the stairs.

The Dark South Tour

This tour will take you towards the more southern end of The Rocks. Some of the many inclusions are:

  • Greenway lane where the smell of Michael Gannon’s business still lingers.
  • Orient Hotel. What did Joseph Silva throw out the window?
  • Nurse’s Walk, which was once the site of the colony’s first hospital (where the sickly feeling is often overwhelming).
  • Susannah Place. Who was found buried in the cellar?
  • Reynolds’ Cottage, Sydney’s second oldest house. Misfortune and death has lingered here.
  • Observatory Hill. See the Signal Masters cottage where the spirits still linger.
  • A visit to the Big Dig Site where history’s creepy layers have been revealed
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Tour Details

The Nightly Ghost Tour starts at 7:45pm sharp and runs for approximately 2 hours. The meeting point is on the lower forecourt of Cadman’s Cottage which is located on the lower corner of George Street and Argyle Street The Rocks.
The Private Ghost Tour start time is negotiable. Please contact us for more information.


Nightly Ghost Tour
Sunday to Thursday
Children 12 -17: $35
Adults: $45
Friday and Saturday
All tickets: $45
Private Ghost Tour
$900 for up to 20 people. $45 each for the 21st to 30th person

The Rocks Nightly Ghost Tours can be tailored to your special requirements, and to suit all occasions.