Team Building Ghost tours

For corporate and team building activities in Sydney that can help improve relationships between your team members, improve morale and ultimately benefit the productivity of your team, please contact us for a unique experience.

What separates us from more run-of-the-mill fun, corporate team building activities in Sydney is that our tours are grounded in the carefully researched and spooky local history of The Rocks. For example, on the Dark North tour, you will enter the closed-off Merchant House one of Australia’a most haunted houses – and you’ll learn exactly what occurred there once upon a time to make it the way it is. Was that a cold breath on the back of your neck, or just a draft?

These types of features will help bring your team together like no 3-legged race ever can. It is an evening of The Rocks’ creepy stories and places, but it is also an interesting and unique historical insight into Sydney’s early European settlement, and that combination creates a much more authentic experience.

The Rocks Ghost Tours has a long history of providing team bonding activities. We deliver a much more genuine and practical team building experience than some of the tedious and childish games that many team building companies use. We’ve also been doing this since 1994 – before many of the owners of other corporate team building activities companies were even born!

Your host will thrill your team with macabre and weird stories as you journey down dark, narrow alleyways, involving the group with appropriately themed challenges and activities. At the conclusion of the tour (with mouths dry from fright) the group generally enjoys a drink at an award winning hotel along with a presentation and prizes.

What to Expect

Team Building Ghost Tour Includes:

  • A tour with historically based stories,
  • Flexible starting times,
  • Authentic and spooky historical stories places of the area
  • Props to set the scene, and help tell the stories (and for fun),
  • Suggested hotels and local restaurant menus,
  • A wrap up with prizes and awards.


The duration can be of 1.5 to 2 hours, this allows you the opportunity to have dinner before or after your tour. Starting times and departure point is advised at time of booking and dependent on numbers.


Team Building Tours Cost:

$55 per person. Minimum cost to cover 20 people.

The Ghost Tour Team Building tours can be tailored to your special requirements and to suit all occasions.