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The Rocks Ghost Tours

Fun Team Bonding Activities in Sydney

Daytime Team Building

Our Corporate Team Building Tour of The Rocks begins with your Red Coat Host who will entertain your Group. He will bellow out instructions and set your teams off on their Team Bonding Activities event into the historic Rocks, which was the first permanent European settlement in Australia.

Teams are colour coded and you are encouraged to dress in team colours. Your mission, led by your team’s Captain is to outsmart the other teams, gaining as many points as possible by stealing, cheating and bribing (in the described manner!), or doing whatever it takes to find the hidden clues. With bonus points along the way, it’s a great way for the team building and boosting moral.

At the end of the event, winners and losers will be meted out rewards and punishment, possibly involving one of The Rocks historic watering holes, or perhaps a round in the stocks, instead.

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Team Building Ghost Tours (evenings)

For corporate and team building activities in Sydney that can help improve relationships between your team members, improve morale and ultimately benefit the productivity of your team, please contact us for a unique experience.

What separates us from more run-of-the-mill fun, corporate team building activities in Sydney is that our tours are grounded in the carefully researched and spooky local history of The Rocks. For example, on the Dark North tour, you will enter the closed-off Merchant House – one of Australia’a most haunted houses – and you’ll learn exactly what occurred there once upon a time to make it the way it is. Was that a cold breath on the back of your neck, or just a draft?

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