How Can I Make My Birthday Celebration Different & Memorable?


It’s getting common and boring to have a birthday party with foods and drinks being shared and seeing those same faces each year. It’s the exact same things each year except for adding another year to your age.

Well, it’s the perfect time to level up and stir some things. It should be different this time or else you’ll lose your mind or feel that your birthday party is just another task to be done. Here we’ll suggest you a few fresh ideas that will leave you a different, memorable and a spooky experience.

Visit off-limits and haunted locations

Your next birthday celebration should be an interesting experience for you and your guests. One such experience is by having a tour of some of the “off-limits” locations that are sure to haunt you for the rest of the year.

The Rocks is a good choice because of its long history (plus the macabre stories most Australians have never heard before). Many of the structures built during the 18th, 19th and 20th century still remain. These structures have interesting stories to tell. However, not all those stories should be known by everyone (especially the faint-hearted ones). You have got to have a strong mind and iron heart to explore the stories and go through the rabbit hole. There’s no going back because this is a journey of transformation.

For instance, there’s the Merchant House that just seems plain and old. But wait until you hear the tragic story that might change the way you think about historical places. Yes, the house and surrounding structures are awesome to visit during a bright sunny day. However, your courage will be tested when it’s time for the dark and cold evening tour. You might even forget that it’s your birthday because this is a totally different experience compared to most of your birthday parties.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle

Modern Sydney living is about speed and stamina. Those who move slow will get left behind and will be forced to settle for what remains. This has been the norm for decades now and expect this type of living to accelerate even further at a breakneck speed. And yes, not much attention is being put to the present and past anymore because of our future-oriented thinking and living.

Having a spooky tour will give you a break from that hustle and bustle. Also, a tour of The Rocks will introduce you to the interesting history of Sydney. Back then the place was where a lot of things happen and evolve. In fact, we can get a glimpse of Sydney’s long history by viewing and visiting the long-standing structures in the Rocks. There are more than 100 heritage sites and buildings in The Rocks and that’s plenty enough for us to feel the past and get a clue on how Sydney evolved through the centuries. There’s the Cadman’s Cottage (built 1816), Dawes Point Battery, the walls of Fort Phillip and many more.

Right now it might not look like it but The Rocks was a major commercial hub. As a result, many of the residents became wealthy (but then moved out into the “finer suburbs” because of the area’s reputation and unsavoury characters). The old structures are a proof of that which show the dominating architectural designs at the time.

The area also had gone massive transformation during the 20th century. The journey generally went south because of the bubonic plague in Sydney. Next thing that happened was that several houses as well as factories, workshops, pubs, offices and other commercial premises were bought and vacated (due to economic and other reasons). Then after, new and innovative housing solutions were created because “slum” areas were demolished. The construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge also led to demolition of more houses.

Through the recent decades The Rocks has experienced its own share of ups and downs. But due to that long history and those cycles of wealth and struggle (plus the undeserved reputation), more and more Australians now are getting curious about its history as well as the tragic stories that have been plaguing the area. After all, for much of human history the turning points happened because of deaths (some are gruesome and haunting).

Well, it’s about your birth and talking about deaths might not be appropriate. You’re just looking for a fresh idea on how to celebrate for your birthday and yet here we are talking about history and deaths. But if you’re looking for something unique and memorable, The Rocks and the evening tours might be the perfect one for you, your family and your friends. This is about the celebration of your birth and history and yes, getting a spooky experience along the way.