Is It Time to Step Up Your Team Bonding Activities?


There comes a time when team building gets boring and repetitive. Others may not even realise the value or benefit from it because after all everyone’s together every day from 9 to 5. Also, some of us just prefer to get things done instead of spending time on those boring team bonding activities.

Good thing is there’s a solution and escape from that. You just have to embrace that it’s finally time to step up your team bonding activities. Your team might just be looking for something interesting and fresh. After all, the goal of team building is not just to escape the stress and take a break from work, but also to gain some interesting experience.

Is it time to step up your team bonding activities?

This year is the right time and your whole team might already be exhausted to try again those outdoor and adventure challenges. This has always been a great way to have fun and unite the team. However, those outdoor challenges might have already lost that excitement factor because they have become far too common (almost everyone’s doing it and perhaps your staff has been doing it for few consecutive years already).

What should you do then? We can agree that the purpose of team building is to literally build a team, which can mean breaking the ice and removing some of that tension and formality. It’s a good way to build relationships because the pressure from work is getting removed. The atmosphere during each team building session is warmer and more spontaneous. The result of such session is often a smoother collaboration among the employees and a friendly feel inside the workplace. And yes, it’s just good to have fun once in a while in a non-work setting.

The solution here is to still pursue a team bonding activity but make it somehow unique and interesting. One way to accomplish this is by organising a ghost tour. The spooky experience is unique and interesting especially at night. Rest assured that it will be memorable and will be the talk of your workplace for days and weeks to come.

Treasure hunting and other outdoor daytime challenges are still great but ghost tours have something new to offer to the table. It’s especially the case if we’re talking about The Rocks where there are gruesome bizarre stories and strange phenomena reports. It’s intriguing and although we instantly feel that we should stay away, the mysteries and the supernatural just continue to draw us in.

Along with the long and rich history of The Rocks (being the birthplace of modern Sydney) come the old and bizarre stories that have stood the test of time. Each old structure and heritage listing has a fascinating story to tell but not everyone has the stomach to endure those stories. During the evening tours much of our fears and personalities will be revealed. After all, our character is best revealed under pressure (or in this case when there’s something supernatural lurking around).

Visiting one of Australia’s most haunted houses

The Merchant House (located at George Street, The Rocks) is a fine piece of architecture that shows the wealthy history of the area (the site reflects the status of the 19th century Sydney small business and merchant class). It’s one of the most important heritage listings in The Rocks because of how it displays the structure the pattern of Australia’s cultural history. For instance, the occupants of the Merchant House changed through time that also reflected the residential and commercial history of the area. Chemical manufacturers and people in the industrial sector lived in the house which then shows us that the place indeed was a vibrant industrial area. In addition, the Merchant House has rare aspects of NSW’s cultural and natural history because the structure is the most intact example of a late Georgian/early Victorian period townhouse known to survive perhaps in the entire NSW.

But don’t let that fool you because there’s a story you need to explore and get afraid of. Yes, the Merchant House is beautiful but the story might not be so. You and your team have to learn about it and the best way is for you to visit the site in the evening.

It will be a unique and spooky experience and the feeling is sure to linger. This is a great alternative or awesome complement to the usual challenges team building events are best known for. The daytime team bonding activities can still have those challenges where teams can win a special reward. This is a great way to make the event thrilling and raise the competitive spirit of the individuals and teams.

An evening ghost tour and a visit to one of Australia’s most haunted houses are the perfect ways to end the day. Caution though because it might be hard to fall asleep after that tour. Great thing here is that this is a lot better than the team feeling they gained nothing new from the experience. With a fun and frightening evening tour, you’re stepping up the team bonding activities.