What Is There To Do in The Rocks Sydney


The Rocks is about history, beauty and heritage. Although it has a dark past, it’s still a crucial part of Sydney’s history (the place is often called the birthplace of Sydney). After all, the place was established right after the formation of the colony way back in 1788.

There are many things to do in The Rocks and there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a usual tour, New Year’s Eve celebration, enjoying drinks at rooftop bars or even hearing gruesome stories about The Rocks’ dark past, it’s all great here and the stay and tours will be worth it.

What is there to do in The Rocks Sydney

Many go to and stay in The Rocks because of the many restaurants, bars and hotels that offer an awesome view of the harbour. This iconic place is a centre of activity where lights and fireworks remind us of optimism and celebration. The Sydney Opera House is also nearby and when you’re in that perfect spot to view that and the harbour, you will feel you are truly in Australia.

For example, The Glenmore has that perfect spot for you. From above you can get an amazing view of the Sydney Harbour and take a gaze at the Sydney Opera House. You can do all that while enjoying a cosy drink and getting some sun. There’s also the MCA Café and Sculpture Terrace where you also get a great view of the harbour. Many locals and tourists stay late to view and appreciate the sunset.

Other things to see here are The Fortune of War (Sydney’s oldest pub), Suez Canal (a tiny alley where you can see bits and pieces about The Rocks, Jack Mundey mural at the end of Globe Street, Sirius Building (an architectural accomplishment but under controversy because of rumours about its demolition), The Observatory and the crushed car in Hickson Road (don’t worry,  a work of art).

When it comes to shopping and the markets, The Rocks also has something unique to offer. In the markets you can find locally designed and handcrafted jewellery and homewares. Tourists take the time to stop by so that they can complete the experience. Variety is what defines shopping here especially when you shop in Argyle Gallery (Australian and Aboriginal arts and crafts), Arthur Ave (eco-friendly designer clothing for kids) and Rockhounds (unique jewellery sets made from Australian opals and rocks). There are many more stalls and shops in The Rocks that will take your entire weekend.

What makes The Rocks really different

It’s the birthplace of Sydney and as a result it has a long history. Convicts and prostitutes are sure to be mentioned when talking about the place. The bubonic plague, street gangs, slums and several demolitions also come to mind often when we narrate the history of The Rocks.

Because of its long history, it’s inevitable for it to have some tragic stories that haunt almost everyone. Locals and historians have done a marvellous job in piecing those stories that were passed down through generations. You won’t see these stories in Wikipedia and forums. You will only hear them when you actually visit those historic sites.

The truth could be creepy and frightening. It’s true that “it gets worse before it gets better.” What Sydney is today is a result of a long chain of events which are not all bright. The darkness will always be there as with other society’s development. Injustice will always be a part of history no matter what we do to hide it.

It’s something that defines The Rocks aside from its modern shops, restaurants and bars. Its history makes The Rocks distinct from the rest of Sydney and even Australia. As a result, people craving for something different are often drawn to this place. Yes, they’re curious about the place’s tragic stories. But often they also want to know about its early days and gain a better appreciation of the place’s past and evolution.

One way to do that is by booking an evening ghost tour. This is not for everyone because the genuinely creepy stories might cause sleepless nights. Even with your best friends, you’ll feel something you’ve never felt before. And yes, you will know what your best friends are really made of during this scary tour.

It’s also a good way of knowing more about Australia’s history and evolution. Perhaps you’re used to stories about achievements, progress and optimistic future. It’s time now to get a touch of reality by hearing the stories that really defined the early days of Australia.